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10 Penn Center Building
Park Tower entrance
200 West Adams

Sustainable Construction and Operations

Sterling Equities is committed to sustainable construction and operation practices as recognized by LEED, Energy Star and US Green Building Council certifications. The company operates approximately 2.2 million square feet of LEED-certified property across the United States, including 200 West Adams Street in Chicago, Ten Penn Center in Philadelphia and Park Tower in Tampa, Florida.

One of Sterling’s most well known structures, Citi Field, is among the world’s most environmentally responsible stadiums. Some of its sustainable construction features include an 11,000 square foot green roof on the right field administration building; PVC “cool roofs” that reflect sunlight to reduce building energy use; and 1,319 smart water fixtures that save more than four million gallons of water each year. Ongoing sustainable operations include composting of all food waste, utensils and field grass clippings; recycling of all cooking oil into biodiesel fuel for field maintenance equipment; and irrigating the field using an underground well rather than the New York City water supply.